Faculty of Sciences


Excellence in quality and academic accreditation nationally and internationally


Support academic departments to achieve quality of learning outcomes and excellency in research to serve the community through the application of quality and academic accreditation system


  1. Preparing aligned strategic plans for quality, academic accreditation and excellence with the faculty and university strategic plans, and following up on their implementation
  2. Supervising and following up the implementation of the procedures related to ensuring the quality of educational, administrative and technical operations
  3. Preparing programs to promote and establish a culture of quality, academic accreditation, measurement and evaluation for the academic departments and faculty members
  4. Holding training workshops in the fields of quality, academic accreditation, measurement and evaluation
  5. Preparing and implementing a follow-up system to obtain and maintain academic accreditation and quality systems
  6. Implementing academic review and evaluation mechanisms to ensure quality and excellence
  7. Supervising and following up the activities of national and international academic accreditation
  8. Ensure that the academic courses has specification and reported periodically in all academic departments according to the approved models, in coordination with the scientific departments
  9. Ensure that the electronic course file is prepared for all academic departments
  10. 10.Coordination with the concerned authorities to provide all requirements for conducting the self-evaluation study and preparing their reports
  11. 11.Work on continuous development and improvement of the educational, administrative and technical process
  12. 12.Providing technical support in relation to quality, accreditation and excellence projects
  13. 13.Coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation with regard to quality, academic accreditation, measurement and evaluation
  14. 14.Supervising and following up the implementation of measurement and evaluation processes in the departments and administrative units
  15. 15.Conducting a field survey, collecting and analyzing data from student questionnaires and questionnaires of the teaching staff, administrators and technicians
  16. 16.Prepare detailed reports on the results of measurement and evaluation, quality activities, academic accreditation, performance levels, and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the various activities.
  17. 17.Provide feedback to the sector by evaluating its performance in the form of periodic reports
  18. 18.Proposing the formation of main and subsidiary committees for national and international academic accreditation


Excellence: the sustainability of quality and continuous development in teaching, learning, scientific research and community service in order to set an example

Cooperation: Working as an integrated team that pulls together

Perfection: Reinforcing the principle of self-censorship. God loves that if one of you does a job, he does it well

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