Faculty of Sciences

Student Activities Unit

The mission of Student Activities Unit

For its effective role in developing the student’s capabilities, we established the Student Activities Unit. Undoubtedly, our students are gifted with various talents, and the Student Activities Unit makes all efforts to widening their horizons and refining their skills. The Unit cares about the “students” and focuses majorly on enabling them to achieve their goals by creating an appropriate, positive environment. Hence, our activities are designed to foster student responsibility, problem-solving skills and self-confidence, in line with involving them in various academic and practical experiences. That will help to develop strong personalities and enabling them to make positive impacts on their community. Furthermore, The SAU always seeks to be a safe platform for building positive social relationships, which can enhance the students’ teamwork skills. It also believes in creating an open-minded environment where the students feel accepted and can freely express their opinions.

Therefore, The SAU held events and activities including courses seminars and lectures to refine the life skills of the students, utilize their energy and develop their talents. This takes place in conjunction with providing personal life coaching and mentoring for students. 


 Objectives of the Student Activities Unit:

- Enhancing the principles of teamwork and collaboration among the students and improving the Student-Teacher Relationship/

- Providing useful programs for leisure-time activities that contribute to discovering and refining student skills. 

- Contributing to developing a capable personality on the academic and practical levels.

- Ensuring the sustainability of the relation between the student and University after graduation to monitor their outcomes and preserve developing their skills.

- cultivating a sense of responsibility towards the community and country.

- Teaching the students to achieve a better balance between leadership capabilities and taking responsibilities.



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